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Our mission is simple: utilize technology and the world wide web as an asset to drive profitability for your business.

From day one we have been labeled as pioneers with un-paralleled growth potential. After having gone through numerous freelance opportunities and joint consultant projects we have now evolved into an innovative and successful Creative Services firm located in central NJ.

Our team has been fortunate to accumulate timeless knowledge from years of experience in creating visually dynamic websites. During the process of providing innovative and premiere services to our clients, we recognized an exponentially growing need for new and intuitive marketing strategies.  Specifically our client’s needs tended to gravitate towards lead-generation systems via industry approved white hat ideology.

Our approach to design showcases our ability to code and create dynamic user interfaces. Our clientele can truly benefit from our comprehensive marketing oriented approach, which aims to utilize the internet as an increasing source of exposure and effective tool in gaining leads for business.

While the world of online marketing may still be progressive in growth, the fundamentals of sound business practice remain traditionally basic. “…the fundamentals of sound business practice remain traditionally basic.”The true challenge lies in creating and adapting effective, efficient & reliable techniques to the fluid and ever-changing world of cyberspace.

Here at Crimson Lab, we recognize the need for innovative solutions that utilize emerging resources to address core business concerns and are ever ready to benefit your initiative.


Years In The Marketing Industry


Strategy, design and technology. Or what we like to call it, a party.

There are no hidden or unexpected costs. The quoted prices are all inclusive. The entire process can be completed from the comfort of your computer. We stand behind your product with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Most importantly you save time and money.

Crimson Lab’s clients have been known to refer to us as: “professional quality everytime, FAST turn-around, outstanding custoemr service, and a one-stop shop for all needs.”

  • Corporate Identity
  • Business Cards & Other Print Solutions
  • Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Flyers | Online Listings (E-Flyers)
  • Dynamic Flash Content
  • Database Programming
  • Posters & Banners
  • Web Banners
  • Logo Development & Corporate Branding
  • Corporate Marketing
  • E-Marketing (Mail Servers)

We provide many other services by request. Contact us today

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